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No Claim for Promotion & Training Denial (access required)

The Department of Defense Contract Audit Agency wins summary judgment in the Alexandria U.S. District Court in a race discrimination suit filed by an African-American agency manager who alleges he was unfairly denied a promotion and various training opportunities, and ...

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Court Says Patent is Unenforceable (access required)

In this dispute between plaintiff Media Rights Technologies Inc. and defendant Capital One Financial Corporation, the Alexandria U.S. District Court concludes that the terms “compliance mechanism” and “custom media device” are indefinite and that all of the claims asserted in ...

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Bank Claims Patent Misuse by ‘Patent Troll’ (access required)

An Alexandria U.S. District Court dismisses defendant Capital One’s antitrust counterclaims and strikes its affirmative defense of patent misuse in this lawsuit; the patent misuse defense, like Capital One’s antitrust claims, asserts that plaintiff “patent troll” threatens to enforce in ...

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No Error in Denial of Nondebtor Releases (access required)

In this appeal by debtor National Heritage Foundation, the Alexandria U.S. District Court upholds the bankruptcy court’s decision that certain nondebtor release provisions of debtor’s fourth amended plan of reorganization were not warranted and should be severed from the reorganization ...

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