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Employer must show reasons for pay disparity actually used (access required)

Pay Gap_FEA

In an Equal Pay Act case, an employer offering reasons for pay disparities between men and women must show it actually applied those reasons in the wage decision process to avoid liability, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ...

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Constitutional – Ineffective Assistance – Plain Error Standard – Sentencing (access required)

On direct appeal, this court found no plain error in defendant’s sentencing as a career offender; however, trial counsel’s failure to do research or to object led to a much longer sentence than defendant would otherwise have received. The standards ...

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Invasion of Privacy – Teen Sexting – Warrant – Forced Masturbation (access required)

Sims v. Labowitz (VLW No. 017-2-209, 30 pp.) (Keenan, J.) (King, J., dissenting) 16-2174; USDC at Alexandria. (Hilton, S.J.) 4th Cir. Holding: In a child pornography case involving teen sexting, a police detective consulted with an assistant prosecutor and obtained ...

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Maryland Burglary Is ‘Moral Turpitude’ Crime (access required)

Petitioner’s prior Maryland conviction for the felony offense of third degree burglary qualifies as a crime involving moral turpitude and the 4th Circuit denies a Colombian citizen’s petition for review of the Board of Immigration Appeals’ final order of removal. ...

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