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Woman Can Sue for Sister’s Funeral Costs (access required)

Although the Norfolk Circuit Court earlier dismissed plaintiff’s claim against her brother-in-law for performance of her deceased sister’s promise that plaintiff would receive $60,000 from her sister’s pension proceeds, plaintiff is not barred from pursuing a claim against her brother-in-law ...

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Discovery Delay Penalty, But No Summary Judgment (access required)

A Norfolk Circuit Court will treat plaintiffs’ requests for admission as admitted by defendant, for defendant’s failure to timely respond to plaintiffs’ requests, but plaintiff is not entitled to summary judgment on its fraud and conversion claim, based on defendant’s ...

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No defamation claim from draft legal complaint (access required)

A lawyer who said he was defamed by a draft legal complaint that described him as “an unethical lawyer and a racist” cannot sue for defamation, says a Fairfax Circuit Court. Claims made in a lawsuit generally are protected under ...

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Carrier’s Cancellation No Good, Attorney’s Fees Ordered (access required)

A carrier’s continued processing of late premium payments for a trucking company’s commercial vehicle liability policy does not estop the carrier from denying coverage for an accident, but the carrier did not strictly comply with statutory provisions for canceling the ...

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