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Negligence – Funeral Services – Emotional Distress – Economic Loss Doctrine (access required)

Plaintiffs who allege defendant funeral home presented the wrong body at the open-casket funeral planned for their family member, and that plaintiffs had to go to an off-site storage facility to help defendant locate their decedent, still dressed in hospital ...

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Negligence – Premises Liability – Parking Deck – Security Contractor (access required)

A Fairfax Circuit Court says a private security contractor for a mall parking deck cannot be sued for negligence based on allegations that security personnel did not respond to surveillance video images that showed the men who abducted a woman ...

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Suit, counterclaim filed over church construction – $762,640 Verdict for Counter-Claimants (access required)

On Feb. 19, 2008, Seoul Presbyterian Church (SPC) in Fairfax filed suit against a family construction business, Zion Contractor Co., and their shareholders, Jae Kwon, Byung Kwon and their son Don Kwon for fraud, breach of contract and unjust enrichment. ...

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Corporate – LLC Manager – Competing Business (access required)

Although an LLC’s operating agreement says that a unanimous vote is required for the three-member board of managers to act, this provision does not bar the LLC from suing one manager it alleges formed a competing electrical contracting business to ...

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Corporate – ‘True’ Directors – Bylaws Amendment (access required)

In this equitable action for declaratory judgment to determine the “true board” of a non-profit corporation, The Seniors Coalition Inc., a Fairfax Circuit Court holds that an attempt to change the composition of the board of directors without statutory authority ...

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