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Google Immune from False Advertising Claims (access required)

A licensed locksmith that claims it has suffered a drastic decrease in revenue due to unlicensed locksmiths advertising online, cannot sue defendants Google, Yellowbook and Ziplocal for providing access to the unlicensed locksmiths’ advertising; defendants are immune from plaintiff’s federal ...

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No ADA Claim for Student Debt Collection (access required)

A lender trying to recover $4,444 in student loan debt from plaintiff wins summary judgment in plaintiff’s suit in Alexandria U.S. District Court alleging the lender’s ostensibly routine collection action violated the Americans with Disabilities Act and Arkansas malicious prosecution ...

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Job Offers Were for Hourly, Not Annual, Pay (access required)

Plaintiffs who were hired by a government contractor under offer letters that established each plaintiff’s base pay rate and foreign travel letters that covered their compensation while working overseas are entitled to additional pay as these documents indicate they should ...

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No Antitrust Violation in Board Discipline (access required)

An Alexandria U.S. District Court grants summary judgment to defendant Virginia Board of Medicine in plaintiff chiropractor’s suit alleging the board’s disciplinary action against her violated federal antitrust law. Plaintiff’s complaint alleged defendants entered an agreement to allocate the relevant ...

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Fire Captains Covered by ‘First Responder’ Reg (access required)

A DOL 2004 “first responder regulation” did not change plaintiff fire captains’ ineligibility for enhanced overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Alexandria U.S. District Court says the fire captains still are covered by the Act’s executive ...

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Chiropractor Sues Medical Board Over Sanction (access required)

An Alexandria U.S. District Court excludes two experts proffered by a chiropractor who is challenging the Virginia Board of Medicine’s sanctions of six months’ suspension and a $25,000 fine for violation of state statutes regulating medical practice; neither expert – ...

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