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Criminal – Proffer of Testimony – Harmless Error v. Structural Error (access required)

A contention that the denial of a request to call a witness amounted to structural error does not excuse the failure to proffer the testimony of the witness, the Court of Appeals holds in affirming convictions for obtaining money by ...

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Workers’ Comp – Knee Replacement – Pre-Existing Condition – Aggravation (access required)

A claimant who suffered a work injury that aggravated her pre-existing condition, from her prior total knee replacement from a non-work-related medical condition, is not entitled to a 37 percent lower left extremity impairment rating, the Court of Appeals holds. ...

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Unemployment Comp – Misconduct – Store Manager – Food Purchase Rule (access required)

A circuit court exceeded its authority when it vacated denial of unemployment comp and ordered reinstatement of benefits to a convenience store manager who was terminated for violating a company policy about purchase of food while on duty; the Court ...

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