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Arbitration Waiver Is for Whistleblowers Only (access required)

A former manager for a government contractor who is suing for age discrimination cannot avoid arbitration under his employment contract by invoking the arbitration waiver provisions for whistleblowers under the Dodd-Frank Act; the 4th Circuit says Dodd-Frank does not invalidate ...

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No Sentencing Relief After Government Misconduct (access required)

Despite government misconduct in the investigation and prosecution of a large-scale drug conspiracy, including the leading investigator’s affair with defendant’s then-wife and subornation of perjury, the 4th Circuit, after remand of the case because of the government misconduct, denies post-conviction ...

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Dental Board Action Violates Antitrust Law (access required)

A state agency that regulates the practice of dentistry cannot overturn a Federal Trade Commission decision that the agency’s efforts to shut down teeth-whitening services performed by non-dentists constituted unfair competition that violated federal antitrust law; the 4th Circuit rejects ...

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