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Plaintiff claimed she experienced allergic reaction to Doripenem – Defense Verdict (access required)

On Oct. 30, 2009, the plaintiff was admitted to Memorial Hospital of Martinsville under the care of the defendant family practice due to spreading cellulitis of the face. At the time of her admission, the plaintiff informed hospital staff that ...

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Court sanctions put doctor’s insurance coverage at risk (access required)

Doctor coat steth

A doctor hamstrung by court penalties in a medical malpractice case now has another problem. With trial set later this month, his medical malpractice insurance company is asking a judge to allow it to walk away from the case, leaving ...

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Claim for Accounting ‘Negligence’ Dismissed (access required)

Plaintiff trusts who are suing defendant CPA for $25 million for allegedly providing “negligent tax advice, preparation of tax returns and relating accounting services” over a 12-year period are claiming accounting malpractice, and a Martinsville Circuit Court says accounting malpractice, ...

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Court Suppresses Teenager’s Statement on ‘Rape’ (access required)

An investigator who approached a 17-year-old defendant “dozing” in a holding cell and told him a young woman had accused him of rape, engaged in the functional equivalent of interrogation, and a Martinsville Circuit Court suppresses the teenager’s statement that ...

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Real Estate – Boundary Line Dispute – Easement – Adverse Possession (access required)

In this boundary dispute between two sisters whose property shared a common grantor and mid-creek boundary line with property plaintiff purchased at auction, a Henry County Circuit Court says plaintiff purchaser has a right to use the 30-foot road to ...

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