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No Title VII Claim Based on Supervisor (access required)

Title VII does not cover a gender discrimination claim alleging plaintiff’s former employer retaliated against her because of her gender and her brother’s sexual relationship with her supervisor; the Alexandria U.S. District Court also dismisses plaintiff’s Title VII suit because ...

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No Bias Claim from Isolated Comment (access required)

Although plaintiff’s supervisor at a commercial real estate company repeatedly asked questions and allegedly made distasteful comments about Islam, Middle Eastern politics and culture and plaintiff’s Moroccan culture, only his comment about people from Dubai being “camel people” could be ...

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No Long-Term Disability for Fibromyalgia (access required)

Even though plaintiff earlier received both short-term and long-term disability benefits for her fibromyalgia, the employer’s disability benefits plan allowed the plan administrator to revisit plaintiff’s qualifications, and the Alexandria U.S. District Court says defendant did not abuse its discretion ...

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Carrier Must Defend Patient Record Release Claim (access required)

An insurance company must defend a medical records company in a class action alleging the company posted confidential medical records on the Internet; exposing confidential medical records to online searching is “publication” giving “unreasonable publicity” to a person’s private life, ...

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