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No Attorney’s Fees for Banks’ Tort Defense (access required)

An Alexandria U.S. District Court says although the parties’ loan documents allow a bank to collect attorney’s fees for expenses “incurred to enforce” the loan documents, the documents’ fee-shifting provisions do not cover the bank’s legal fees for defending a ...

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No Race Discrimination in Loan Extension Denial (access required)

In this race discrimination case against a commercial lender, plaintiff entrepreneur and his companies have failed to raise any genuine issues of material fact about defendant bank’s denial of loan extensions, and the Alexandria U.S. District Court grants summary judgment ...

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Association Said Logo Used in Ad Sales (access required)

In this case involving trademark infringement claims by a trade association against an individual due to the individual’s advertisements soliciting trade association members for listing in a directory, the Alexandria U.S. District Court adopts the magistrate judge’s recommendation as to ...

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Email Arbitration Clause Enforceable Against Consumer (access required)

A Verizon customer who is suing over a $135 early-termination fee for his cancellation of his Internet service must arbitrate his complaint based on an arbitration clause embedded in an email, as the initial contract expressly stated that continued use ...

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