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Court Upholds NIT Use in ‘Playpen’ Case (access required)

A defendant under investigation for re­ceipt of child pornography through the Play­pen website, available on the “Tor” network, cannot suppress evidence obtained through the government’s use of a Network Inves­tigative Technique to access his computer, nor is he entitled to ...

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Negligent Entrustment, Retention Claims Advance (access required)

A landscaping company whose driver rear-ended plaintiff can be sued for negli­gent entrustment and negligent retention based on allegations that the employer knew the landscaper had been involved in another recent collision with the same truck and trailer, and the ...

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Owner Claims ‘Rusting Hulks’ Pollute River (access required)

An owner of a 6.8-acre parcel along the waterfront of the Elizabeth River may sue defendant owner who allegedly has “overcrowded the waterway” with idle, rusting vessels, that fill with bilge water and discharge pollutants; the Norfolk U.S. District Court ...

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Travel Expenses Ordered for Rule 30 Deposition (access required)

In this action under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a Newport News U.S. District Court says defendant HSBC must produce a corporate representative for a Rule 30(b)(6) deposition on all topics outlined in plaintiffs’ notice of deposition at the Washington, ...

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Qualified Immunity for Boating Safety Instructor (access required)

A plaintiff injured in a boating accident while training with defendants in a “Tactical Operators Course” has her negligence claim against the instructor dismissed by the Newport News U.S. District Court, as the instructor was acting in his official capacity ...

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