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Court Rejects Wire Fraud Sentence Calculation (access required)

The Norfolk U.S. District Court sustains defendant’s objections to the government’s loss calculation and enhancement for a “special skill” in sentencing defendant on convictions of wire fraud, financial institution fraud and use of a false social security number, but overrules ...

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Default Judgment Not Barred by Statute of Frauds (access required)

A Norfolk U.S. District Court enters default judgment for plaintiff diving company in its suit on a maritime contract alleging defendant demolition company failed to pay for plaintiff’s diving services in a salvage operation for the barge Becky Thatcher; the ...

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Company Suit Waived Forum-Selection Clause (access required)

A Norfolk U.S. District Court will hear a declaratory judgment action filed by plaintiff Kettler International against Starbucks Corporation, which alleges defects in Kettler’s “Carlo” patio chairs Starbucks bought for its Arizona and California stores, which caused injury to a ...

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Company Claims Research Contract Fraud (access required)

In this dispute over a company’s contract with a university research fund, the contractor states a counterclaim for fraud with allegations that plaintiff university misrepresented whether its process for converting vegetable oils into biodiesel was ready for commercialization, but the ...

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Patent Case Transferred for ‘Customer Suit’ (access required)

Although plaintiff’s patent infringement suits involving technology for no-envelope cash and check deposits in automated teller machines were first-filed in Virginia federal courts, the Norfolk U.S. District Court applies the “customer suit” exception and transfers these cases to a federal ...

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Airport Dismissed from Bird Removal Suit (access required)

Plaintiff, a protection and advocacy group for eagles, may sue U.S. Department of Agriculture officials alleging a program to remove eagles from the Norfolk Botanical Garden violates federal environmental and wildlife protection laws, but the Norfolk U.S. District Court dismisses ...

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