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Folding Cane Prompts Warranty Breach Claim (access required)

A plaintiff’s bare-bones products liability complaint alleging injuries caused by a defective folding cane states a claim for breach of an express warranty under Virginia law, but the Richmond U.S. District Court dismisses plaintiff’s claims for negligent design, failure to ...

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Mental Health Evaluator Findings Were Reasonable (access required)

A county mental health evaluator who responded to a request from law enforcement to evaluate plaintiff, a former Marine, for online threats of violence, and who petitioned for an order for plaintiff’s temporary detention, wins summary judgment in Richmond U.S. ...

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Prosecutor, policeman are cleared of rights violations (access required)


A law school graduate’s civil rights claims against a prosecutor and a police officer arising from an attempted murder charge have foundered in federal court. The former law student, Peter S. Willis of Fredericksburg, spent a year in jail before ...

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Court Construes Terms in Cell Phone Patent Case (access required)

The Richmond U.S. District Court issues its construction of disputed claim terms for the patent in suit, which has never been practiced, and which involves a navigation system for cellular telephones that provides direction and traffic information to users. Claim ...

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