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Jail Time No Excuse for Discovery Default (access required)

In plaintiff strategic consulting firm’s suit against its former chief operating officer for conversion of $341,436.61, fraud and breach of fiduciary duty, the Alexandria U.S. District Court accepts the magistrate judge’s recommendation to grant default judgment to plaintiff firm, in ...

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Naturalization Revoked for Syrian Government Official (access required)

Following a 7th Circuit decision, an Alexandria U.S. District Court adopts a magistrate judge’s report and says correspondence can constitute an informal appearance in court, but defendant’s letter in this government action to revoke naturalization does not show an intention ...

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Dismissal Sanction for Missed Depositions (access required)

Plaintiff company’s failure to produce two witnesses from abroad for deposition, and refusal to respond to discovery during the “pleading stage” of the litigation, lead the Alexandria U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge to recommend dismissal of plaintiff’s suit, without prejudice, ...

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Spoliation Dismissal for ‘Wiping’ Computer (access required)

A computer expert suing for discrimination who ignored his lawyer’s notice to maintain files and documents and instead ran programs called Evidence Eliminator and CCleaner to delete records, then “wiped” his work desktop, “took a sledgehammer to it” and dumped ...

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Late Mail Check No Excuse for Default (access required)

Defendants have failed to proffer evidence of a meritorious defense or counterclaim to plaintiffs’ suit alleging breach of contract, resulting trust, fraudulent misrepresentation and common law conspiracy to commit fraud, and plaintiffs are entitled to a default judgment, says an ...

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Excessive Fee Petition Cut 65 Percent (access required)

After imposing attorneys’ fees for noncompliance with discovery in an action for misappropriation of trade secrets, the Alexandria U.S. District Court magistrate judge reduces plaintiff’s requested attorneys’ fees by 65 percent from $32, 257 to $11, 404; spending 83.10 hours ...

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