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Habeas Writ Reversed for Jurors’ Dictionary Use (access required)

Although jurors consulted a dictionary for definitions of terms in the judge’s criminal instructions after defendant drove his car the wrong way down an exit ramp, the 4th Circuit says defendant was not prejudiced because the dictionary definitions did not ...

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Court Upholds EEOC Subpoena To Public Utility (access required)

Although the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission claims legislative immunity against an EEOC subpoena for training and hiring records related to employees’ age discrimination complaints after the commission restructured its IT department, the 4th Circuit says it would be premature to ...

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Frozen Embryos Have No ‘Standing’ to Challenge Stem Cell Research (access required)

Plaintiffs – frozen human embryos and adoptive parents of such embryos – do not have standing to challenge an Executive Order and federal research guidelines that relaxed restraints on the use of human embryonic stem cells from stem cell lines ...

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