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Scope of Impact Statement Covers Bridge Project (access required)

Federal and state defendants planning to replace the Bonner Bridge between mainland North Carolina and the Outer Banks’ Hatteras Island did not violate the National Environmental Policy Act by seeking approval of only the bridge replacement and denying the public ...

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Md. Burglary Conviction Not ‘Crime of Violence’ (access required)

A conviction under Maryland’s first-degree burglary statute cannot be used to enhance a sentence for unlawful reentry into the U.S.; the 4th Circuit vacates defendant’s enhanced sentence, as Maryland courts have construed the state’s first-degree burglary statute more broadly than ...

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Ch. 13 Debtors’ Plan Must Go Five Years (access required)

Although these above-median-income debtors listed negative disposable income on their bankruptcy schedules, they nevertheless are obligated to maintain Chapter 13 bankruptcy plans for five years when their unsecured creditors have not been paid in full, the 4th Circuit says. Debtors ...

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