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Cardholder Records Admitted as ‘Business Records’ (access required)

A defendant who was captured on store surveillance videos using “cloned” credit cards with his name and re-encoded information from stolen credit and debit cards cannot overturn his conviction of credit and debit card fraud by challenging the trial court’s ...

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Local Police Can’t Detain on Civil ICE Warrant (access required)

Local law enforcement officers can’t detain individuals solely based on known or suspected civil immigration violations, but that rule wasn’t clearly established law when defendant deputies arrested a Salvadoran dishwasher after questioning her outside her workplace, and the 4th Circuit ...

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Park Cruising Not ‘Disorderly Conduct’ (access required)

The 4th Circuit reverses defendant’s conviction for “disorderly conduct” under federal regulations governing the Blue Ridge Parkway, based on defendant’s “obscene” conduct of touching an undercover park ranger’s fully-clothed crotch after the ranger initiated a sexually suggestive conversation with defendant ...

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