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Investor States ‘Loss Causation’ for Fraud Claim (access required)

In an amended complaint alleging defendants, a technology company and its founder, chair and CEO, committed securities fraud by selling plaintiff investor a series of notes as investments to allow defendant company to bring to the U.S. technology the individual ...

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Federal Complaint Dismissed for State Court Refiling (access required)

A plaintiff who filed state and federal consumer protection claims in state court cannot defeat removal to federal court by claiming defendant waived removal or removal was untimely; the Alexandria U.S. District Court will allow plaintiff to voluntarily dismiss his ...

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‘Supplemental’ Expert Report Struck for New Material (access required)

In this dispute between a Jamaican/South Asian food company and the company from whom it purchased assets and a business name, the Alexandria U.S. District Court grants plaintiff LLC’s motion to strike defendant’s “supplemental” expert report, as the report is ...

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‘Job Performance’ Evidence Admissible (access required)

A former media relations officer for the Iraq Reconstruction Office who attributes her termination and denial of a transfer to race discrimination cannot exclude all evidence related to job performance; although defendant has not claimed she was terminated for performance ...

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Website Company Can Sue Florida Clients (access required)

Two Florida companies, and two of their officers/employees, who hired plaintiff Virginia company on an “emergency” basis to develop and host their website and email exchange are subject to personal jurisdiction in the Alexandria U.S. District Court. Defendant Florida corporations ...

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Jurisdictional Amount Satisfied by Damage Claim (access required)

An auto service center franchisor can stay in federal court because its complaint for breach of contract alleging defendant failed to pay the advertising expenses or operational fee under the contract and failed to properly transfer assets alleges damages over ...

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