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Consultant’s Business Tort Counterclaims Dismissed (access required)

Applying the parties’ choice of Mich­igan law in this contract dispute be­tween Virginia and Michigan corporate consultants, an Alexandria U.S. District Court says defendant Michigan com­pany fails to allege specific contracts breached or illegal or fraudulent acts to support its ...

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Case Removed on Counterclaim Remanded (access required)

In Northrop Grumman’s suit, started in Virginia state court and demanding that DynCorp produce documentation for sub­contract labor charges and damages for breach of that contract to support count­er-narcotics operations in Afghanistan, the Alexandria U.S. District Court orders remand to ...

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Lawyers’ Malpractice Coverage Falls Short (access required)

Lawyers facing a $6,975,000 malpractice award for bungling a patent application for a client’s advertising-based internet game have only $5 million in malpractice cover­age, not the $10 million available for claims arising after Oct. 25, 2006, even though an attorney-client ...

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Prosecutor Faces Claim for Deleted Post (access required)

Although a prosecutor restored plaintiff’s deleted comments on a Facebook page main­tained by the Loudoun County Common­wealth’s Attorney Office, the prosecutor still faces a First Amendment claim for injunctive relief related to one deleted comment, an Al­exandria U.S. District Court ...

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