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Employee Fired for Violating Policy (access required)

An African-American pump truck operator for a ready-mixed concrete company cannot recover for discriminatory discharge under Title VII because he cannot rebut the employer’s evidence that he was terminated when he violated the employer’s conflict-of-interest policy by refusing to give ...

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Filing Va. Lawsuit Leads to Personal Jurisdiction (access required)

In plaintiff George Mason University Foundation’s suit to enforce a $100,000 judgment it won in Virginia state court during litigation with decedent’s two children, the Richmond U.S. District Court has personal jurisdiction over both the Alabama resident son and the ...

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No Benefits After Nondisclosure of Medical Tests (access required)

A decedent’s failure to disclose on a life insurance application his abnormal liver function tests, abnormal abdominal ultrasound and a doctor’s recommendation for a GI workup and his symptoms of sleep apnea, made material misrepresentations on his application, and his ...

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