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Grass Seed Companies Fight Over Ads (access required)

In this Lanham Act suit involving competing companies’ challenges to various advertising claims relating to both parties’ grass seed and combination grass seed products, a Richmond U.S. District Court reaffirms that defendant Pennington Seed’s “twice the seed” and “2X the ...

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Court Abstains in Developer’s Suit Against County (access required)

A Richmond U.S. District Court will apply the Burford abstention doctrine to abstain from hearing a developer’s 42 U.S.C. § 1983 suit against a county board of supervisors that denied the developer’s application to modify its existing, approved zoning to ...

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Plaintiff could no longer work due to accident injuries – $1,600,000 Settlement (access required)

A tractor-trailer rear-ended the plaintiff on Interstate 95 as she was leaving Altria where she had completed her night shift. Plaintiff suffered a left lower extremity injury involving a fracture of the talus and media malleolus bones of her left ...

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