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Remaining policy limits paid for thoracic disc damage – $481,601 Settlement (access required)

Plaintiff underwent back surgery for a herniated thoracic disc 18 months after a car accident. There were no complaints of thoracic back pain until approximately two months after the accident, so the defense argued causation and the offer prior to ...

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Domestic Relations – Marital Home – Hybrid Property (access required)

Although husband, a “jack of all trades,” attempted improvements on the parties’ marital home, he was accident-prone and failed to complete many projects, and a Fauquier County Circuit Court factors this in with wife’s greater financial contributions, to award wife ...

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Real Estate – Conservation Easement – Merger Doctrine (access required)

A Fauquier County Circuit Court overrules a plea in bar asserting that the grantor of a conservation easement had the legal inability under the doctrine of merger to create this easement, as Virginia law on easements in gross has changed ...

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Administrative – DMV Hearing – Dealer v. Garage – Warranty Work Charge-Backs (access required)

A garage that did warranty work under a contract with a dealer faces a remand to the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles on the dealer’s demand for charge-backs on warranty work after it made a “secret shop call” and alleged the ...

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