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Search & Seizure – Search Incident – Trespass Arrest – Housing Project (access required)

An officer who initially observed defendant walking in the middle of the street in a housing project, causing a car to brake to avoid him, and who checked defendant’s identification and determined he was barred from the project, had probable ...

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Domestic Relations – Spousal Support – Material Change – Unemployment (access required)

Wife argues husband was unemployed without unemployment benefits when the final divorce decree was entered, just as he was when spousal support was ordered 15 months earlier, but the Court of Appeals affirms the trial court orders suspending support payments. ...

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Administrative – Sexual Abuse Finding – Agency Error (access required)

The Court of Appeals reverses a circuit court judgment affirming a disposition of “founded sexual abuse – level 1,” as the local agency investigator’s failure to tape record two interviews with the alleged victim, in violation of 22 VAC 40-705-80(B)(1) ...

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