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Defense Lawyer Not ‘Ineffective’ in Plea Deal (access required)

A defendant whose lawyer was discussing a “global resolution” of state child molestation charges and federal child pornography charges may not claim ineffective assistance in his defense lawyer’s resolution of the state charges; the Richmond U.S. District Court says defendant’s ...

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Court Can’t Hear ‘Messaging’ Patent Fight (access required)

A Canadian company that is one of13 defendants sued by plaintiff Texas company for alleged infringement of its patent for an intercarrier messaging service wins dismissal of the suit for lack of personal jurisdiction; the Richmond U.S. District Court says ...

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No Sexual Harassment Suit for Postal Worker (access required)

The Richmond U.S. District Court rejects plaintiff postal worker’s Title VII complaint of gender-based disparate treatment, as she actually received a promotion when she returned to work after filing her EEOC complaint and being on unpaid-leave status for medical reasons ...

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