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Teenager paralyzed during surgery for sunken chest – $5,000,000 Verdict (access required)

Plaintiff was 16 years old when he underwent pectus excavatum surgery on Jan. 30, 2007, to correct a congenital deformity of the chest wall. During the surgery, the defendant provided anesthesia care. Plaintiff claimed that his blood pressure dropped extremely ...

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Employment – Municipal – Grievance – City Groundskeeper (access required)

A city groundskeeper may grieve termination of his employment for not having a commercial driver’s license, but a grievance panel may not grant the back pay or alternative placement requested by petitioner, it may only award a modified remedy, says ...

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Creditor’s Rights – Garnishment Exemption – Interest Payments (access required)

A Norfolk Circuit Court denies a judgment debtor’s garnishment exemption claim contending that the creditor, Investor’s Financial Services, improperly charged him a higher interest rate than that authorized by Va. Code § 6.1-330.54, and impermissibly charged compound interest on the ...

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Donors allege fraud in gift for orphanage – $722,223 Verdict (access required)

Plaintiffs contended that the defendant, an attorney, defrauded them by inducing them to give him $220,000 to establish and fund an orphan missionary project in Malawi. Following receipt of the couple’s $220,000, the defendant sent them a charitable receipt and ...

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Real Estate – Inverse Condemnation – Street Closings – Business Access (access required)

A property owner and business operator on the property state a claim for inverse condemnation under the Virginia Constitution for the city of Norfolk’s four-month closure of Duke Street for construction or repair of public utilities that prevented reasonable access ...

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Consumer Protection – Auto Towing & Storage – Protected Transaction (access required)

A Honda owner can sue defendant body shop under the Virginia Consumer Protection Act for selling her 2007 Honda, for towing and storage fees after it towed the car at the request of the Norfolk Police Department after the vehicle ...

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