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Fees for Lawyers, Expert Ordered as Sanctions (access required)

In this dispute between competing marketing companies over a former employee’s alleged sharing of plain­tiff ’s trade secrets and confidential in­formation with defendants, and falsely denying that he had done so, the Al­exandria U.S. District Court sanctions the former employee ...

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Tenants Have Fair Debt Claim for Rent Interest (access required)

Plaintiffs who allege defendant added in­terest to a purported outstanding balance for unpaid residential rent can sue defen­dant for violations of the Fair Debt Col­lection Practices Act; the Alexandria U.S. District Court denies defendant’s motion to dismiss plaintiffs’ claim that ...

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Collection agency can’t just add interest to debt (access required)

Overdue Bill FEA

Three former tenants of an An­nandale apartment complex can sue a collection agency for a Fair Debt Act violation after the agency sought to add interest to their alleged bal­ance due, an Alexandria federal judge has ruled. The three plaintiffs ...

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