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Tune-Up Franchisee Owes Lost Profits (access required)

An Alexandria U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge recommends default judgment and damages totaling $569,512 in favor of plaintiff Precision Franchising LLC, a Virginia company, against defendant K-Squared Inc., which operated four Precision Tune Auto Care franchise centers in Las Vegas, ...

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Injunction & Damages for Repeat Violations (access required)

After a one-day bench trial on plaintiff’s charges that defendants have repeatedly infringed defendant’s copyright by illegally distributing Korean-language television programming, an Alexandria U.S. District Court grants plaintiffs a permanent injunction and damages. A permanent injunction must issue against these ...

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FMLA claim fails, employer kept woman on payroll for six months – Defense Verdict (access required)

Plaintiff employee was out of the office for health reasons from late December 2009 through Feb. 16, 2010. Upon her return to the office, she was relieved of her responsibilities, although she was kept on the payroll, and instructed to ...

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Floor-Plan Financer Wins Against Guarantors (access required)

Plaintiff Automotive Finance Corporation, which arranges floor-plan financing for several Northern Virginia used car dealers, wins summary judgment in an Alexandria U.S. District Court against defendant guarantors on promissory notes that funded defendant dealerships. Summary judgment will be entered in ...

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Court Awards ‘Reasonable’ Fee, Not Contract Fee (access required)

An inventory financing company that provides floor plan financing for used car dealers, and that won summary judgment against the guarantors of promissory notes for several Northern Virginia dealers, is not entitled to an attorney’s fee award of $473,422 under ...

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