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Court Limits Evidence on Billion-Dollar Damage Claim (access required)

In this patent dispute between Rolls-Royce PLC and United Technologies Corp., an Alexandria U.S. District Court grants UTC’s motion in limine to limit Rolls-Royce’s evidence and argument to support its claim for $3.2 billion in damages for price erosion and ...

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Dunning Letter Without Tax Advice Not FDCPA Violation (access required)

A debt collector’s dunning letter trumpeting “tax season savings” and offering a discount for a pay-off did not violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act because it failed to discuss tax consequences of accepting a discount on the debt, and ...

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Healthcare Worker Fails to Exhaust EEOC Claims (access required)

In this suit filed by an African-American female healthcare worker who is a native of Cameroon, an Alexandria U.S. District Court dismisses for failure to adequately plead and exhaust, her claims for age and disability discrimination, and for alleged violation ...

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Venue Transfer from ‘Rocket Docket’ for Patent Case (access required)

Although plaintiff, a company that owns and manages a patent portfolio, adamantly denies it was forum-shopping for the rocket docket when it formed its company in Alexandria five months before filing its patent infringement suit against facebook, LinkedIn, Photobucket and ...

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County’s Ordinance Means Cartoon Sign is ‘Dog-Gone’ (access required)

A doggie daycare provider loses her First-Amendment challenge to Arlington County’s zoning ordinance on display of commercial signs, after the county ordered her to remove or modify a mural showing frolicking cartoon dogs painted on the rear of her building. ...

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Family of man shot by SWAT officer settles with county – $2,000,000 Settlement (access required)

On Jan. 24, 2006, Dr. Salvatore Culosi, a 37-year-old optometrist, was shot and killed outside his home by a Fairfax County SWAT officer while he was being arrested for sports betting. The police department knew that Culosi had no criminal ...

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