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Bad Job References Were ‘Speculative’ (access required)

A former employee of a government contractor may not sue for defamation based on her speculative assertions that defendant’s employees gave negative telephone references to potential employers; the Alexandria U.S. District Court grants summary judgment to defendant employer. Plaintiff’s only ...

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Potential Claimants Default on Renoir Painting (access required)

Potential claimants to an 1879 unsigned oil painting on linen by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, seized by the U.S. government on Oct. 2, 2012, pursuant to a seizure warrant, have filed executed waivers of service but have not otherwise answered or moved ...

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Poor Sales, Expired Product, Led to Discharge (access required)

A 46-year-old African-American district salesman for a medical device company cannot show a material factual dispute arising from his claims of race and age discrimination, as defendant employer demonstrated a sharp decline in sales in plaintiff’s territory and his failure ...

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