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Fire Origin Disputed in Plant Explosion Case (access required)

In this products liability and negligence action arising out of an explosion at an automotive ball-bearing plant in Blacksburg, the Roanoke U.S. District Court denies defendants’ second set of motions for summary judgment, filed on remand from the 4th Circuit. ...

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No Issue Preclusion from Arbitration (access required)

In plaintiff’s suit alleging his employer violated the Americans with Disabilities Act in failing to accommodate his medical condition arising from a serious work-related injury requiring prescription pain medication, a Roanoke U.S. District Court will not apply issue preclusion based ...

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Billing ‘Inconsistencies’ Do Not State FCA Claim (access required)

Plaintiff ultrasound technician who twice discussed with her supervisor at defendant hospital the billing “inconsistencies” arising from the hospital’s alleged practice of using billing codes for ultrasound services despite not producing the full number of images indicated by the billing ...

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Partial Fees for Prayer Injunction Change (access required)

In plaintiff’s suit challenging defendant county board of supervisors’ practice of regularly opening its meetings with board-led sectarian prayers, the Danville U.S. District Court grants in part plaintiff’s third motion for attorney’s fees and awards 50 percent of the requested ...

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