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‘Other Crime’ Evidence Admitted in Abduction Trial (access required)

At defendant’s trial for abduction with intent to defile, the Charlottesville Circuit Court will admit evidence of abduction/sexual assault charges at issue in Albemarle County; the defendant allegedly in the other case similarly lured the victim with a ruse, through ...

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Physician blamed for failing to detect ruptured diaphragm – Defense Verdict (access required)

The 76-year-old decedent was involved in a motor vehicle accident on April 1 and was admitted to the hospital under the care of the defendant family care physician. Among other things, studies revealed a left pulmonary contusion, atelectasis of the ...

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Contract – Lease – Coal Operation – Wastewater (access required)

A Buchanan County Circuit Court grants partial summary judgment to plaintiff coal company and holds that Island Creek does not have authority under the subject lease to allow Consol to store wastewater from other mining operations on or in Yukon’s ...

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