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Job Offer to Felon Was Fraudulent, Plaintiff Says (access required)

A plaintiff may sue defendant school official for allegedly making false representations that her prior felony conviction would not prevent her employment as Budget and Finance Director for the school system and her application had been cleared with the school ...

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Carrier Must Pay UIM Offered By Mistake (access required)

Although plaintiff’s insurance carrier mistakenly offered underinsured motorist coverage policy limits, the carrier nevertheless is bound by its offer of $25,000 UIM policy limits, in addition to the $100,000 liability coverage offered by defendant in the underlying auto accident case, ...

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UIM carrier bound by acceptance of mistaken offer (access required)

An insurance carrier must pay its UIM policy limits even though an auto-accident plaintiff waited nearly two years to formally accept the settlement and the carrier might have avoided liability altogether. For plaintiff William Calvert, who alleged $75,000 in medical ...

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