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No Pension Benefits Setoff for ‘Employer’ Debt (access required)

An electrical workers’ union pension trust fund violated plaintiff’s ERISA rights when it terminated his pension payments in order to recoup monies allegedly owed to the fund by a corporation plaintiff established, and when the fund did not provide plaintiff ...

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Default Entry Delayed in Copyright Case (access required)

In this suit alleging the Mehr Iran Publishing Company and other defendants infringed plaintiff’s copyright by illegally publishing plaintiff’s copyrighted materials, the Charlottesville U.S. District Court finds defendants to be in default, but the court will wait to enter a ...

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No Waiver of Parents’ Recovery for Mold Injury (access required)

A family suing for injuries to their two children from exposure to mold from a leaking skylight when they were house-sitting for defendants, cannot recover through the children’s suit any medical expenses associated with their alleged mold exposure, says a ...

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Court Upholds Award on Restrictive Covenant (access required)

In this suit involving a therapy contractor’s claims that nine defendant facilities terminated their contracts and then hired 57 of the contractor’s former employees in violation of a restrictive covenant, a Lynchburg U.S. District Court affirms an arbitrator’s award that ...

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Medical Records May Not Sub for ‘Disclosures’ (access required)

Plaintiffs suing for damages from mold infestation in the house they occupied cannot satisfy their obligation to disclose reports from their treating physician witnesses just by sending defendants copies of medical records, but a Charlottesville U.S. District Court will allow ...

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