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Owners May Sue for Storm Drainage Damage (access required)

Although plaintiff landowners did not appeal the county’s denial of their claim for damages to their property allegedly arising from the county’s failure to maintain a storm drainage system, the statutes governing their initial claim are not their exclusive remedy, ...

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IT Contractor Wins Non-Compete Damages from Sub (access required)

A government IT contractor who hired defendant subcontractor to provide SAP/ERP consulting services wins $172,395.95 from the sub, who violated a non-compete that prevented him from working for either of two companies for 12 months after he left, in this ...

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Engineering Firm Collects Fees for Site Plan (access required)

An engineering firm that did not have correct information and failed to site defendant’s Louisa County tire recycling plant in the service area for Dominion Virginia Power, can collect $18,160 in attorney’s fees after its successful mechanic’s lien action to ...

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Confession Of Judgment With No Affidavit Set Aside (access required)

A Fairfax Circuit Court sets aside a confessed judgment against guarantors of a business loan by plaintiff bank, because an affidavit was not filed simultaneously with the confession of judgment, as explicitly required by the language of the guaranties. The ...

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No defamation claim from draft legal complaint (access required)

A lawyer who said he was defamed by a draft legal complaint that described him as “an unethical lawyer and a racist” cannot sue for defamation, says a Fairfax Circuit Court. Claims made in a lawsuit generally are protected under ...

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Lawyer Has No Defamation Claim for Draft Complaint (access required)

A Fairfax Circuit Court says lawyers who sent prospective defendants an unfiled “draft complaint” for an employment discrimination claim, “for settlement purposes,” have an absolute privilege from a defamation claim filed by another lawyer named in the draft complaint and ...

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