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Criminal – Habeas – Ineffective Assistance – Competency (access required)

Although this habeas petitioner contends his lawyer should have requested a psychiatric examination because petitioner “constantly blabbered that he was a police officer” and his family thought he was acting strange, he has not presented any facts or evidence to ...

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Civil Procedure – Complaint ‘Courtesy Copy’ – Answer (access required)

A defendant in a med-mal case is not prohibited from filing an answer to a plaintiff’s complaint which has been filed, but not served, but a defendant who voluntarily files an answer forfeits the right to demand plaintiff’s expert witness ...

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Teacher’s aide killed in collision with police car – $1,500,000 Settlement (access required)

The 33-year-old decedent, Ashley McIntosh, drove her car out of a shopping center on a green light and was proceeding eastbound through an intersection. A northbound police car operated by the defendant, Fairfax County police officer Amanda Perry, went through ...

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Workers’ Comp – Comp Bar – Auto Accident – Employee Death (access required)

The Workers’ Compensation Commission had no jurisdiction to decide that an employee’s death in an auto accident arose out of his employment; because the employee died and had no beneficiaries, the commission had no jurisdiction in the matter and the ...

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