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Shaky Credibility Different from ‘Misrepresentation’ (access required)

The 4th Circuit grants a Chinese native’s petition for review of Board of Immigration Appeals decisions affirming denial of his various applications for relief from deportation; the BIA erred by affirming a decision that committed legal error by conflating adverse ...

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No Resentencing for Drug Quantity Error (access required)

A trial court’s erroneous jury instruction on conversion of pounds to kilograms and absence while the jury reviewed defendant’s recorded police interviews do not require reversal of or resentencing for defendant’s convictions arising from a large-scale marijuana trafficking enterprise and ...

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Rescue Squad Leader Gets Prison Time, $1M Forfeiture Order (access required)

The 4th Circuit affirms criminal convictions for the president/business manager of a rescue squad arising from a health care fraud scheme to obtain Medicare and private insurance payments for unnecessary transport of dialysis patients, as well as defendant’s 48-month prison ...

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