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No Patent for Computer Claim’s ‘Abstract Idea’ (access required)

Plaintiffs’ claims that defendant’s ‘432 patent, relating to a method for centralized identification and authen­tication of users and their transactions to increase security in e-commerce, are invalid because they are directed to an abstract idea and thus are ineligible for ...

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Court Upholds Child Porn ‘Playpen’ Warrant (access required)

A Norfolk U.S. District Court says the government’s use of a Network Inves­tigative Technique to conduct searches of personal computers after its seizure of “Playpen,” a website that facilitates distribution of child pornography, is a search under the Fourth Amendment, ...

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Delivery Failure Breaches Medical Supply Contract (access required)

In this contract dispute between plaintiff BMK Solutions LLC, a Virgin­ia producer of medical kits certified as a Tactical Combat Casualty Care govern­ment contractor, and defendant BioStat LLC, a Florida LLC and distributor of Medtrade gauze and bandage products made ...

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Welcome Center Materials Are ‘Protected Speech’ (access required)

A publisher of visitors’ guides to Vir­ginia does not have standing to chal­lenge Virginia Department of Trans­portation policies governing what may be displayed in VDOT Welcome Centers and rest areas; although the publisher has standing to challenge the fees for ...

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