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No Twombly Rule for Affirmative Defense (access required)

A Norfolk U.S. District Court declines to apply the Twombly/Iqbal pleading standard to defendant’s affirmative defenses, after acknowledging there is no controlling appellate law and a diversity of views among district courts. Plaintiff asks the court to strike defendant’s affirmative ...

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Court Orders ‘Alter Ego’ Discovery (access required)

A Norfolk U.S. District Court upholds a magistrate judge’s order requiring defendant to produce discoverable material concerning alter ego allegations in this admiralty case involving attachment of a vessel, the Cape Viewer, by multiple claimants. Defendant Freight Bulk Pte. Ltd. ...

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Defendant Wins Fees for ‘Frivolous’ Claim (access required)

In plaintiff home designer/builder’s suit against a couple who allegedly built a home that infringed on plaintiff’s copyright to a “Bainbridge” home design, a Norfolk U.S. District Court denies an award of attorney’s fees for copyright infringement, but awards $13,760 ...

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