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PD at Prelim Can Testify Against Defendant at Trial (access required)

A public defender who represented defendant at his preliminary hearing could testify at defendant’s trial for aggravated malicious wounding about a prosecution witness’s earlier testimony, after the trial court ruled the witness was “unavailable because of his present lack of ...

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Hearsay Admission at Revocation Hearing Was Error (access required)

At a robbery defendant’s probation revocation hearing, the trial court violated defendant’s due process right to confront the witnesses against him when it admitted a detective’s hearsay testimony concerning two other offenses, one which never resulted in charges against the ...

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Employer’s Choice of Weight-Loss Program Not ‘Imposition’ (access required)

Although a treating physician for a claimant who gained over 70 pounds after her work-related back injury recommended a residential weight loss program, employer countered with an offer to pay for claimant’s participation in a local Weight Watchers program, and ...

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