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Sex Offender Barred from Neighborhood (access required)

The Court of Appeals affirms defendant’s bench trial conviction for aggravated sexual battery and suspended sentence barring him from victim’s neighborhood where his parent lives; defendant’s first counsel made no competency objection and his second counsel’s post-sentencing objections lack merit: ...

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Altering Gun Serial Number Not ‘Continuing Offense’ (access required)

On rehearing en banc, the Court of Appeals says all evidence indicated the firearm defendant possessed already had its serial number altered when he carried it into Brunswick County, and the court reverses defendant’s conviction for altering the firearm serial ...

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Denial of Justifiable Self-Defense Instruction Upheld (access required)

At defendant’s jury trial for robbery and felony-murder, the trial court did not err in declining to give a jury instruction on justifiable self-defense, in addition to the instruction it offered on excusable self-defense; the Court of Appeals affirms defendant’s ...

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