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Center’s Extra Services Violated Ordinance (access required)

A counseling center that has a non-residential use permit has violated the local zoning ordinance by offering additional services such as laundry, personal care facilities and meals to its clients, and the Fairfax Circuit Court reverses the decision of the ...

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Oral contract alleged for wireless retail franchise – $161,636 Verdict (access required)

The plaintiff, Won Min Cho, claimed that an oral agreement was reached with defendant Tom S. Ro on April 13, 2009, governing the ownership and operation of the business that was to become Unlimited Skytalk Va. Inc., a Cricket wireless ...

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Domestic Relations – Child Support – Garnishment – UIFSA (access required)

Although a Puerto Rican court had personal jurisdiction over defendant after he made a personal appearance, defendant wife has failed to satisfy the requirements of UIFSA Section 611, and the resulting income withholding order against plaintiff father should be dismissed, ...

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Traffic Offenses – DUI – Implied Consent Law – Test Refusal (access required)

A Fairfax Circuit Court rejects defendant’s claim that the implied consent statute, Va. Code § 18.2-268.3, is unconstitutionally vague, and denies his motion to dismiss the charge of refusal to submit to an intoxication test. Defendant argues that Code § ...

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Contract – Arbitration – Superseding Agreement – Calif. Law (access required)

A private equity fund manager’s breach of contract suit on compensation issues is stayed pending arbitration, a Fairfax Circuit Court says, despite the fund manager’s claim that two operating agreements superseded his original employment letter agreement that contained the provision ...

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