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No Indemnity for ‘Inherently Dangerous’ Road Project (access required)

A Roanoke County Circuit Court says a landowner who hired an independent contractor to dig a hole in one lane of a four-lane highway (with the required permit) for installation of a new water line, is not liable for contribution ...

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No Discovery of Driver’s Statements to Carrier (access required)

A defendant driver in this auto-accident case does not have to give plaintiff statements defendant made to her liability insurance carrier that prompted the carrier to open an investigation file; a Salem Circuit Court says the documents requested were work ...

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Court Construes Contract’s Financing Clause (access required)

In this first-impression case, a Salem Circuit Court says inserting the handwritten phrase “subject to approval of financing” into a real estate contract’s clause on the closing date makes the purchase contingent on the buyer’s ability to obtain financing. There ...

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Challenge to Will Relates Back to Earlier Complaint (access required)

Plaintiffs may amend their complaint filed June 26, 2009, alleging defendant executrix/beneficiary exercised undue influence over a testatrix in the execution of her will, to also allege failure to comply with Va. Code § 64.1-49’s requirements for execution of a ...

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Court Considers Transcript, Suppresses Confession (access required)

The commonwealth has not presented affirmative evidence that defendant understood her Miranda rights and a Roanoke County Circuit Court grants her motion to suppress her confession in this case of forgery and uttering. Upon receiving her Miranda warning, the officer ...

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