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No Personal Jurisdiction Over Chinese Company (access required)

In this patent infringement suit, a Roanoke U.S. District Court does not have personal jurisdiction over Ya Tai Electric Appliances Company, a Chinese corporation accused of marketing and selling a deployable fan-tail fishing kayak that allegedly infringes plaintiff Freedom Hawk ...

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No Insurance Coverage for Cancer Non-Disclosure (access required)

A widow cannot collect on her husband’s life insurance policy because she failed to disclose his diagnosis of metastasized pancreatic cancer when he applied for insurance, and the Roanoke U.S. District Court grants judgment on the pleadings to defendant insurance ...

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Assault By Coworker States Harassment Claim (access required)

A former restaurant server has stated a Title VII claim for sexual harassment with allegations that an unidentified coworker sexually assaulted her in the workplace, but the Roanoke U.S. District Court dismisses her claim for retaliation. Plaintiff alleges a coworker ...

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‘Non-Asset’ Nurse Can Try ADA Claim (access required)

A 50-year-old diabetic nurse who alleges defendant hospital terminated her for age and disability discrimination loses on summary judgment on her age discrimination claim, but the Abingdon U.S. District court sees triable issues of fact in her disability discrimination claim ...

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