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Despite $500 jury award, judge gives consumer lawyer $8K in fees (access required)

A Virginia consumer lawyer says a judge’s hefty fee award in an otherwise small-value used car case will encourage lawyers to stand up for consumers even when the stakes are small. Loudoun County Circuit Judge Thomas D. Horne awarded $8,000 ...

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Dismissal Denied for Defamation Claims (access required)

A Loudoun County Circuit Court denies a plea in bar filed by defendants to plaintiff’s defamation suit, based on plaintiff’s allegations that defendants arranged for photographs of plaintiff being arrested for embezzlement and for further dissemination of those photos, even ...

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Contract case tests birth-injury coverage (access required)

The Supreme Court of Virginia has agreed to consider whether a medical malpractice insurance policy covers a doctor’s failure to participate in the Virginia birth injury fund as promised to the mother. The coverage dispute arises out of an emotionally ...

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Codicil Language Gives Widow Property (access required)

A Rappahannock County Circuit Court grants a widow’s motion for partial summary judgment recognizing her right to all testator husband’s personal property and real estate “currently” in the testator’s name, interpreted as property owned at the time of the testator’s ...

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Parent Has Standing to Challenge Plan (access required)

A Loudoun County Circuit Court upholds defendant school board’s redistricting decision against a challenge by parents unhappy with the change required by the revised attendance zones. While the court acknowledges its awareness that petitioner has obtained a hardship exemption for ...

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School Board’s Redistricting Plan Upheld (access required)

Parents of elementary school students lose their challenge to respondent school board’s redistricting decision contending the board exceeded its authority, acted arbitrarily and abused its discretion in adopting new school attendance zones; the Loudoun County Circuit Court dismisses the parents’ ...

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