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Store Employee Sued for Improper ‘Stacking’ (access required)

A Wal-Mart shopper who alleges she was injured when store merchandise fell onto her head and shoulders can sue Wal-Mart employees for alleged negligence in mishandling merchandise being stacked on store shelves; because the individual store employees are properly named, ...

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Engineer Can’t Sue for Patent Process Delay (access required)

An engineer-inventor who is suing defendant Patent and Trademark Office for an alleged unreasonable delay in final agency action on 80 of his approximately 400 pending applications  has his suit dismissed as the Alexandria U.S. District Court grants summary judgment ...

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Plaintiff’s Experts Approved in Birth Case (access required)

In an infant’s suit alleging defendant physician was negligent in failing to treat a mother’s chorioamnionitis when her membranes ruptured prematurely at 28 weeks in her pregnancy, and failed to timely perform a cesarean delivery, defendants may not exclude plaintiffs’ ...

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