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Domestic Relations – Termination Of Parental Rights – Counseling Recommendation (access required)

A mother failed to follow through on receiving services and attempting to meet the critical needs of her five children, including a requirement that her two daughters attend counseling about their hypersexualized conduct and continued unsupervised contact with their father, ...

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Search & Seizure – Terry Stop – Pocket Pat-Down – Probable Cause (access required)

Police investigators who followed defendant after observing him in a suspected drug transaction in an area known for illegal drug activity and who searched defendant’s car with his consent could be subjected to a pat-down after he repeatedly put his ...

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Domestic Relations – Termination Of Parental Rights – Sexual Abuse (access required)

The Court of Appeals upholds termination of a father’s parental rights, in light of his felony conviction for aggravated sexual battery of his girlfriend’s seven- and ten-year-old girls. Even assuming, without deciding, that DSS failed to conduct an investigation to ...

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Criminal – Child Pornography – Cell-Phone Pictures (access required)

The Court of Appeals affirms a 21-year-old defendant’s convictions for possession of child pornography for three photos sent to him by cell-phone from his 17-year-old girlfriend, showing her with her breasts exposed in a “sultry pose.” The evidence at trial ...

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Workers’ Comp – Knee Injury – Change Of Condition – Timely Application (access required)

The Court of Appeals says claimant, who injured both knees while working for a waste management department but two years later went to work for another employer at a wage higher than her pre-injury wage, loses her appeal of the ...

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