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Left Side Procedure Related to Lifting Injury (access required)

In employer’s second appeal after unsuccessfully challenging temporary total disability benefits, the Court of Appeals affirms the majority decision of the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission requiring employer to pay for a “left side denervation procedure” recommended by the same physician ...

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Right Reason Rule Misapplied (access required)

After the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) denied employee benefits for insubordination in attempting to record her termination meeting, the Court of Appeals says the circuit court erred in affirming for prior misconduct:  even if the “right result wrong reason” rule ...

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Prenuptial Bars ED Award & Expense Repayment (access required)

In husband’s appeal of a final divorce decree granting wife equitable distribution of $135,000 and denying him reimbursement of household expenses, the Court of  Appeals says the parties’ prenuptial agreement requires reversing the ED order and affirming denial of reimbursement;  ...

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Circumstantial Evidence Proves Counterfeiting (access required)

The Court of Appeals affirms defendant’s conviction for possessing 20 counterfeit  bills with intent to use them to pay gambling trip expenses; the evidence as a whole shows knowledge and intent—the bills were obviously fraudulent; their quantity, segregation, defendant’s lack ...

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