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Courts committees set process for filling judicial vacancies (access required)

David B. Albo, chairman of the House Courts of Justice Committee, has asked the Virginia State Bar to vet additional candidates to fill two vacancies on the Supreme Court of Virginia. Karen A. Gould, executive director of the VSB, said ...

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Candidates emerge for judgeships

With 21 formerly frozen seats up for legislative election next month, would-be judges are making their aspirations known. The Daily Times reports four candidates have expressed interest in an Eastern Shore circuit judgeship, left open by the retirement of Glen ...

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Judicial interviews to be brief

The term “mature consideration” probably does not apply to the process the Judicial Panel of the House Courts of Justice Committee has set up to fill upwards of 23 judicial vacancies. The plan calls for the panel to start interviewing ...

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24th Circuit benefits from Putney’s chairmanship

A spreadsheet prepared for House and Senate budget conferees shows how they went about deciding which judicial vacancies to fill. The table compares the caseload of judges in circuits and districts with the average caseload per judge. With one exception, ...

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Assembly funds judgeships

The General Assembly recessed tonight until April 4 after approving a budget that includes money to fill 21 judgeships that the legislature froze in its 2010 session. The legislature also rejected the proposal of Gov. Robert F. McDonnell that it ...

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Hernandez prompts separate interview sessions for high court (access required)

A legislative session to interview candidates for a vacancy on the Supreme Court of Virginia split – literally – over the court’s recent decision in Hernandez v. Commonwealth. That case held that judges can defer entering judgment in criminal cases ...

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