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Emergency calls: Legal issue of first responder liability roils the Supreme Court (access required)


The injury claim seems straightforward. Your client was hurt in a motor vehicle accident. The other driver clearly was at fault. The other vehicle has plenty of insurance. So, why is this case not a slam-dunk winner? If the other ...

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Court blocks use of consent at dental malpractice trial (access required)

Despite urging from defense attorneys, the Supreme Court of Virginia has declined to make a new exception in its rule against using “risk-of-surgery” discussions in medical malpractice cases. Doctors commonly talk with their patients about the risks of a procedure ...

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Misdiagnosis Alleged, Not ‘Informed Consent’ (access required)

In a dental patient’s malpractice suit against an oral surgeon who allegedly misdiagnosed the condition of plaintiff’s wisdom teeth and attempted extractions that led to bone perforation, a large sinus opening, bleeding from the nose and permanent jaw numbness, the ...

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