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Negligence – Firehouse Pole – Firefighter Injury – Statute Of Repose (access required)

A firefighter cannot sue for personal injuries suffered when a firehouse pole platform, installed in January 1999, collapsed in 2006, as the steel platform and pole are “ordinary building materials,” not “equipment, machinery or other article,” and the Supreme Court ...

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Civil Procedure – Complaint – Pro Se Litigant – Lawyer Signature – No Virginia License (access required)

A pro se plaintiff attempting to litigate an auto-accident personal injury case cannot file a complaint signed with his signature, at his direction, by a lawyer licensed to practice in Washington, D.C., but not in Virginia, and the Supreme Court ...

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Criminal – Child Pornography – Digital Images – Best Evidence Rule (access required)

A trial court did not err in admitting into evidence digital video recordings and still images of child pornography reproduced from electronic files on digital video discs copies from hard drives found in defendant’s computer, and the Virginia Supreme Court ...

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Negligence – Moonlighting Officer – Fatal Shooting – Public Function (access required)

Where an off-duty city police officer providing security at an IHOP restaurant followed customers into the parking lot because they had not paid for their food, and then shot and killed one of them as their car sped toward him, ...

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